Thoughtbot Laptop Setup

Although I'm currently in the middle of intense preparation for my coding interview with HackReactor which is going to be in JavaScript, I've been lightly experimenting with Ruby on the side.

I've watched Thoughtbot's Advanced Ruby video and had started the Hartl rails tutorial. Unfortunately, I was hitting some snags due to the haphazard way I had installed many gems and versions of Ruby. There was also some weirdness in my shell, as a result some customization I had done before I really knew anything about the Terminal. Things were just a bit of a mess. This got me thinking about wiping my laptop and installing everything in a more methodical way. Knowing that I would lose about a day of productivity, I set my computer to reinstall OSX and xCode overnight after backing up my personal documents and dotfiles and prepared myself for a day of installing software.

After signing up for Thoughtbot Prime, I began checking out their GitHub profile. There are tons of useful things there, but I immediately noticed one called laptop. Laptop is (in their words): "A shell script which turns your Linux or Mac OS X laptop into an awesome development machine." You just run the script from the command line and it goes crazy installing things for about 8 minutes. Additionally, there is a repo called dotfiles that contains Thoughtbot's default dotfiles for Vim, zsh, git and tmux. Fortunately, the dotfiles are pretty minimal and I didn't find myself having to override a bunch of settings (unlike the Vim distro spf13, which made entirely too many decisions for my taste).