Podcasts for JavaScript Lovers

Learning web-development is cool. It seems like every day, you gain some new super-power and problems that were once insurmountable have now become trivial. I have noticed this especially while going through the CoderByte challenges after a month of not looking at them. I used to merely want to get the solutions to work, but now I'm looking at several ways to approach each problem and weighing the advantage of different approaches. I know that my code still isn't as elegant as it can be, but it has become a consideration. I've started to receive the wisdom of Uncle Bob and I'm starting to understand how to name things and how to not have functions that are doing too much.

Yet I feel that my evolution would not be complete without some of the excellent podcasts out there. It's one thing to visit blogs like mine and read carefully reasoned (or not) posts or to attend Meetups and eat free pizza while you try and grasp the content of a slide before the presenter whisks it away with some fancy animation.

However, there's something about hearing a human voice speak into your ear for hours that fills a different role. Listening to these podcasts is a great way to check the pulse of the community. And for someone learning web development, they are a great way to understand the meta-language of development, which is how programmers talk about programming.

Here are a few of my favorite programming-related podcasts at the moment:

  • NodeUp - a rather technical podcast that covers what's going on in Node.js world. New episodes come out consistently. It frequently goes over my head, but I still learn a lot from this one.

  • JavaScript Jabber - a podcast with a focus on all things JavaScript. It's topic-based and has a great lineup of guests each week. This might be my new favorite... I somehow missed this one before, so thanks to TwitterFriends™, Jason and Asbjørn, who both suggested that I check it out!

  • The ChangeLog - this is a podcast that covers all open-source software development. I think the main hosts are Rubyists, but they cover everything under the sun and have great guests.

  • Upfront Podcast - this is among my favorite podcasts, but they haven't updated in a while. I wish there were more episodes!

  • The Web Ahead - front-end focused, and usually fascinating. The host is a great interviewer and the production values are excellent... Of all the shows, this sounds the most like a professional radio show.

  • Shop Talk - another front-end focused podcast (from the guy who created CSS-Tricks.com). Generally pretty entertaining, although it tends to aim for a less technical audience. As you can imagine, most of the technical talk involves CSS and HTML with only a splash of JavaScript on occasion.

Well, now you know what I'm listening to when I'm biking in Brooklyn or walking further than three steps. Alternately, there's a good chance that I'm listening to episodes of RadioLab or TAL.