Connecting to your remote database with Sequel Pro

Recently, I needed to grab a list of emails and some associated data from my live database. I just wanted to dump a few table rows into a comma delimited text file.

I really didn't expect it to be such a thing. I guess it's not really, but I'd rather be able to run queries in a program like Sequel Pro, since that's where I'm used to interacting with my local database.

Sequel Pro makes exporting data like this into a very painless operation, however, it requires a bit of minimal setup.

The Sequel Pro Docs give instructions for setting up SSH access to your database, while this Stack Overflow Answer brings it home with the second step of connecting to MySQL using the tunnel you created, which is the second necessary step for using Sequel Pro with your remote database.

Now I can query my tables at will and export the results into any format without giving it a second thought.